Martial Arts of Ft. Wayne


Nate Metz-Shihan, Chief Instructor and Co-founder of Zentai Martial Arts LLC

Nate-Shihan has attained the rank of Juichidan (11th-degree Black Belt), has traveled to Japan since 2006 to study with Hatsumi-Soke, Nagato-Shihan, Noguchi-Shihan, Senou-Shihan, Oguri-Shihan, and Someya-Shihan. He has attended numerous seminars instructed by top Shihan throughout the United States including Dick Severance-Shihan and Michael Asuncion-Shihan. Nate-Shihan is the co-founder and Chief Instructor of Zentai Martial Arts, has been a soldier in the U S Army for 11-years serving in Ordinance, Maintenance, Engineer, and finally Infantry. He has served in Iraq and Kuwait and is an EMT.

Tom Bobay, Assistant Instructor

Tom has been training since 2004 and has achieved the rank of Yondan (4th-degree Black Belt). He has traveled to various seminars within the US training with high ranking instructors such as Dick Severance Shihan, Michael Asuncion Shihan, and Jeff Walker Shihan. Tom made his first Japan trip in 2013 and trained with Soke Hatsumi, Nagato Shihan, Someya Shihan, Nagase Sensei, and Noguchi Shihan.

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