Martial Arts of Ft. Wayne

Welcome to Zentai Martial Arts of Fort Wayne!

Developing kokoro (heart) throughout your journey

From the dawn of time everyone in life seeks a path, ours is martial arts!

Zentai Martial Arts has been 22-years in the making. As a co-founder, I have dedicated my life to the study of Martial Arts in the USA and Japan! Zentai Martial Arts was founded for the purpose of helping others gain the benefits we have received from excellent martial arts training and instruction!

Our training focus and study is of the traditional Japanese martial art “Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu”. In today’s demanding and fast paced life, everyone needs a little something extra to assist them and Martial Arts can do just that! Learning the principles and philosophy of the Samurai and Ninpo will help you by increasing your confidence, self-discipline, physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Also, life can be a little dangerous, so you will learn real world self-protection skills! In addition to all the above, you will build camaraderie with fellow students and experience how martial arts will augment your life!

Our training specializes in the individual with little-to-no experience! And you will receive more personal attention with smaller classes! Every class begins with the fundamentals of our system, taught in a slow progressive manner! Every new student will be paired with a qualified instructor right there to help them feel comfortable in their new endeavor!

Zentai Martial Arts offers some of the most authentic instruction in Japanese Martial Arts with an instructor directly licensed through Japan, who travels to Japan for training with the Grandmaster and his top students! Zentai Marital Arts brings you the most complete training experience anywhere in Fort Wayne!

Other benefits at Zentai Martial Arts; learn Japanese culture and the opportunity to study in Japan! You will also reap the benefits of improved physical conditioning, lowered stress, more restful sleep, fat loss, muscular endurance, strength, improved stamina, higher energy, and simply feeling better about yourself!

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