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“Tentative Bujinkan Theme for 2011”


The tentative Bujinkan theme for 2011 is 基本 “kihon” (fundamentals). Even though the theme may change I believe it to be important to discuss “kihon” briefly here! I think sometimes we as Americans treat “kihon” as a type of warm-up rather than real training. It seems most “budoka” (Student of the Warrior Way) spend more time on “henka” (variations) then honing “kihon”.  I was once told, “One-third of your training should be spent on kihon, as your movement should reflect that of Bujinkan kihon.” So, in a two-hour class you should spend forty-minutes on “kihon”. Now, when you practice “kihon” the emphasis should be placed on practicing the form correctly just as your teacher instructed without “henka”! It’s important to have a solid foundation to hone and build your skills and changing your “kihon” class to class will not help.

Hatsumi-Sensei being Instructed by Takamatsu Toshitsugu-O'Sensei

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