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“A Message From Hatsumi Sensei, Part IV”

A Message From Hatsumi Sensei, Part IV

By Mark O’Brien

Hatsumi Sensei spoke about the fact that if we all just trained, there wouldn’t be any questions. He feels that most people who ask a lot of questions and get caught up in dojo politics, ask which way is the right way, and similar questions; these are the people, who when they are training, they are not putting their experiences in the hara. They are not using the hara to grow. He added that you should take your sad experiences, happy experiences, your anger and sorrow, all the different emotions and feelings that you experience, and put them into your hara and use them to grow.

Through the training, you are going to have sweat and tears. If everybody just trained, we would all have that common ground.  Through our common experiences, we would be able to see eye to eye, rather than continue some of the arguments that people get involved in, such as politics and other unimportant items.

The purpose of the Bujinkan should be to act as a force for justice in the world. People that are good, those who are universally just (whether it be a warrior, a judge, a person in law enforcement, or someone who is a good person), there light shows through. People in the Bujinkan should be like lights in the darkness.  There is enough chaos and disruption in the world. We, as martial artists, do not need to be adding to that, but instead should be adding to the cause of harmony and the cause of justice. People in the Bujinkan should be working towards helping promote justice and peace in the world. There are enough things promoting chaos that we need to be a force that promotes harmony and peace.

When Sensei returned to Japan, after the Tai Kai, he spoke about these items and asked me to share them with you as I traveled around. Now as far as the meaning behind all of it, well THAT is the question: “What does it all mean?” I guess it is up to each of us to take it all for what it’s worth and draw something positive from it.

Now, let’s get up and train!

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