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“武士道-Bushidō and 武志道-Bushidō”


Here is an excerpt from the book “Bufû Ikkan” by Ben Jones-Shihan I found to be very helpful.

“武士道 (bushidō) used to be 武志道 (bushidō), but now the 心 (kokoro) is missing. Bushidō is known in the West as “The Way of the Warrior,” but it could also be written as “The Way of Martial Aspiration/Kindness.” This is difficult. 士 (shi) means gentleman, scholar, samurai. 志 (shi) is also pronounced ‘kokorozashi’, which is originally derived from 心 (kokoro) + 指す ( sasu), meaning “Heart/Mind/Soul” + “Point.” So 志 means “Movement of the heart” which can mean motive, determination, ambition, hope, kindness, gift or Buddhist offering! However Dr. Hatsumi’s point is that the ‘bushidō’ many so‑called martial artists tout today is lacking its most important part, the ‘Heart’ (as you can see, he writes it with an extra ‘heart’ character included).”

You can purchase the online book here!

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