Martial Arts of Ft. Wayne

From Tetsuzan –

In a real fight, it is correct judgment that decides whether you live or die, in a split second: speed and power are far less relevant. This power to judge correctly is nurtured by the repeated practice of taijutsu’s variations and flow. To be able to respond correctly with both heart and body to the opponent’s various changes, you must practice correctly, gently, and relaxed. Some people say, “that’s too soft” or “too slow.” Surely this is plain logic – can’t everybody understand it? After you have become able to move correctly, you should just move in a natural style suited to your own body. If you think about speed and power from the beginning, you lose your mental flexibility, start moving as your ego dictates, and become unable to change yourself to respond to your opponent’s changes. – Toshiro Nagato (Moko)

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