Martial Arts of Ft. Wayne


Nate Metz-Shihan, Chief Instructor and Co-founder of Zentai Martial Arts LLC

Nate-Shihan has attained the rank of Junidan (12th-degree Black Belt), has traveled to Japan since 2006 to study with Hatsumi-Soke, Nagato-Shihan, Noguchi-Shihan, Senou-Shihan, Oguri-Shihan, and Someya-Shihan. He has attended numerous seminars instructed by top Shihan throughout the United States including Dick Severance-Shihan and Michael Asuncion-Shihan. Nate-Shihan is the co-founder and Chief Instructor of Zentai Martial Arts, has been a soldier in the U S Army for 11-years serving in Ordinance, Maintenance, Engineer, and finally Infantry. He has served in Iraq and Kuwait and is an EMT.

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